10 Best Random Encounters In GTA 5

GTA 5: San Andreas is the best example of a digital open world that is alive and well, and these crazy random events make walking around fun.

With GTA 3, Rockstar Games not only changed the game industry by putting a new spin on the open-world genre, but they also made the recipe even better.The huge open world of GTA 5 is not only a great recreation of Los Angeles, but also one of the best digital places you could want.

Its 75.84-kilometer-wide map is filled with non-player characters (NPCs) that bring the made-up state of San Andreas to life. One of the most fun things about going around GTA 5 without a plan is running into people you don’t know. These are one-of-a-kind exchanges with NPCs that can lead to a side quest or just a weird, often funny cutscene.

Concluding Your Business With Simeon Yetarian

michael-giving-franklin-money-in-front-of-simeon.jpg (740×370)

In most games, once an NPC’s side mission is over, they are gone for good. But GTA 5’s open world is so flexible and real that it makes most games look silly. This random event is time-sensitive and will only happen after the “Friend Request” and “Mr. Philips” tasks.

You can go back to Simeon Yetarian’s car dealership shop as either Michael or Franklin after Michael causes trouble there. Simeon won’t be happy about your uninvited visit, so he’ll tell his paid thugs to beat you up. If you kill them, you can either kill Simeon or leave the store with a strong message. The second option seems to be the official one, since Simeon’s social media account will stay online throughout the game.

Rednecks On Patrol

michael-shootout-with-rednecks.jpg (740×370)

If you drive around the edges of San Andreas, especially along Mount Haan Road, Raton Canyon, and the Tataviam Mountains, you might be in the sights of some racist rednecks with guns who are acting like border police.

There are clear reasons why some of these things are funny and some are frustrating. You’re lucky that two people can play that game, and these odd meetings give you a chance to improve the digital world of San Andreas.


ursula-outdoors-at-night.jpg (740×370)

Ursula, who is mentally unstable, is one of the NPCs who could become Franklin or Trevor’s lover. She is hitchhiking around the south of Mount Chiliad, and if you pick her up on El Gordo Drive, she will ask for a ride home.

The way Ursula talks during the ride will show right away how crazy she is. Franklin and Trevor will both respond in different ways, but since Ursula is a lot like Trevor, it will be more fun to see what Trevor does. She is one of the game’s more memorable minor characters, and her conversations with Trevor are reason enough to look for her in Los Santos. They are like two peas in a pod because in some ways they are so much alike.

Disturbing Encounter With Cannibals

michael-finding-a-woman-assaulted-by-cultists.jpg (740×370)

Around Grand Chapparal, you’ll have one of the most shocking chance meetings in GTA 5. This event can be set off by either Michael or Franklin. When it does, two members of the Altruist group will attack a woman. One of them is naked, which makes the goal of this attack even more evil and scary.

You can send the cultists to their religion’s version of the afterlife and bring the woman back home safely. You can also wait and see what happens, which won’t be much since they’ll put the scared victim in their car and drive around randomly until you stop them or they get lost.

Here Lies Paula Schultz

franklin-saving-a-woman-from-being-buried-alive.jpg (740×370)

Because GTA 5 can be so strange, you might forget that it can also be very dark and violent. Well, this chance meeting will remind you of how cruel Los Santos’s underworld really is. If you drive around the north end of Paleto Bay, you might see two guys with a shovel trying to bury a woman while she is still alive. Dark.

The poor woman won’t have to find out if she can dig herself out of her hole like in the movie Kill Bill. Get rid of the two bad guys and help the woman get back to her Vinewood home.

The Damsel In Distress Experience

finding-an-abandoned-van-in-gta-5.jpg (740×370)

A suspicious abandoned car in the middle of the road is likely to be one of the most unexpected random events in Snake Game. This event can happen if you drive around the Grand Senora Desert. It will show up on your radar as a blue dot. If you go there, a van is stopped in the middle of the dirt road. It’s odd.

The less you say about this event, the better, because it’s best to go into it blind.

I Need A Hero

finding-a-construction-worker-in-peril.jpg (740×370)

GTA 5 doesn’t always put you in the part of a good person, but when it does, it makes for a special moment. When driving around a building site in Little Seoul, one random event that stands out is set off. You will hear a construction worker stuck inside a burning vehicle calling for help.

Get on a nearby loader and start moving the pipes that are holding the poor man in. In Grand Theft Auto, it’s nice to do good without the promise of a prize. Don’t take too long though to set the man free. If you do, at least you gave it a shot.

Altruist Cult Shootout

trevor-being-captured-by-cultists.jpg (740×370)

Just for the money you can get from finishing this random encounter, you should do it as soon as it becomes available. The fight with cultists is something that only Trevor, who is just as crazy, will experience. It will happen when he gives the cult its fourth victim.

Trevor will be betrayed by the group, which will then try to “cleanse” him in their camp. This will make Trevor angry, which starts a side quest where you have to kill every cultist. Trevor will get $1,000 for each person he brings to the camp, and there are also four briefcases with $25,000 in them. This is the most profitable random encounter you can start. Plus, you get to get rid of a whole camp of dangerous and crazy cultists.

Hell On Wheels

the-rare-gta-5-vehicle-duke-o-death.jpg (740×370)

In the enhanced version of GTA 5, a rare car was added, and it is worth the trouble to find it. The Duke O’ Death is a sleek, all-black armored power car that can be found at a gas station along Route 68. After you finish the “Pulling Favors” mission, look for a Los Santos Custom on Route 68 and check the gas station close to see this beauty.

Get in your car and speed up, because a group of angry rednecks will be coming after you. Either get away or kill them all, and the Duke O’ Death will be your prize.

The Haunting At Mount Gordo

the-ghost-of-mount-gordo.jpg (740×370)

There have always been hints of the supernatural in Grand Theft Auto, like when Bigfoot was seen in GTA: San Andreas. But GTA 5 goes one step further by adding a full-fledged ghostly apparition with a secret background.

At the top of Mount Gordo, you will find the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans, who was killed there. She only shows up from far away between 11 pm and 12 am, and if you get too close, she will go away. You can get a better look at the scary ghost by using your sniper gun. If you want to know more about how the ghost died, you can read about it in The Senora Beacon, a newspaper in the game Senora Beach.

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