6 Best Monuments In Rust

These are some of Rust’s most important structures.

In Rust, monuments are one of the best places to get scrap, parts, and weapons. There are a lot of statues in Rust, but the game doesn’t say which ones are the best. How good a landmark is compared to others will depend on a lot of things. The things you get from high-risk monuments are better, but some early-game monuments also have items that you can get for less risk.

Early-game players won’t be able to get to some sites because they need clothes, which is a radiation requirement. landmarks with radiation give great items, but landmarks without radiation can also give great items and are often forgotten by other players. To get more loot from many landmarks, you will also need a green, blue, or red card. Some statues have good loot even without a card, but the best loot is always locked away in a card room.

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