7 Fun Facts About Orchids That No One Told You Before

Orchids are exotic flowers that are the most alluring and captivating, to say the least. It is known to symbolize beauty, love, and luxury. There’s an undeniable charm about these exotic beauties. It becomes a true pleasure for anyone to receive orchids owing to their mystique beauty for the matter. Many people avail of online flower delivery in Chennai and other cities to send orchids to their loved ones. Orchids are of different colors and come in a fascinating range of stunning arrangements to put it precisely.

Although orchids generally appear under the luxurious list of flowers, they should make one maintain a distance. Orchids last longer and that is precisely the reason why they cost a little more in comparison for the matter. There are certain fun facts that are associated with orchids. These facts are something that not everyone is aware of. We are here to highlight the top 7 fun facts about orchids that no one told you before.

  1. Orchids Are Old Flowers: It is interesting to note that orchids belong to the list of the oldest flowering plants known to mankind. Harvard University biologists have discovered a fossilized bee and this bee was carrying orchid pollen. Studies have revealed that this orchid pollen dates back at least 15 million years. Scientists hold the opinion that orchids have been there for as many as 100 million years for the matter.
  2. Flowers With Healing Powers: Ancient Chinese medicine have extensively used orchid flowers. Orchids were used as a natural cure for lung disorders as well as coughs to be precise. It was the Aztecs who were known to drink a mixture made of orchid flowers, vanilla and chocolate. This was known to give them a lot of strength.
  3. They Are Symbolic: In general, orchids stand for beauty, strength, luxury. But, the different colours of the flowers are symbolic of conveying different meaning. So, whether you opt for same day flowers delivery, or midnight deliver, pick orchids carefully as per the colours.
  4. This Flower Comes In Almost 30,000 Varieties: Yes, it is right. Although it might sound strange, but in reality, orchids come in almost 30,000 varieties. Moth orchid is the easiest type to grow and is the most popular one. Dendrobium orchids are like bright sunny windows and are popular ones as well to be precise.
  5. Orchids Are Deceptive Flowers: It is commonly said that orchids are deceptive. Well, these flowers have a way to ‘’trick’’ the bees. These bees are the ones that come to pollinate them for the matter. Some kind of orchids also give out a special kind of scent. This is to attract the pollinators for the matter. There are other types of orchids that go far enough to resemble that of their female counterparts for the matter.
  6. Orchids Are Edible: It is true that you can eat orchids, well, almost. Almost every house in America has a byproduct of a variety of orchid in the pantry to be precise. Orchids are used to make certain herbal teas. In addition, these are also used for decorations like, salad dressings.
  7. Lives For A Long Time: Yes, orchid plants are hard to grow. The plant’s first flower doesn’t grow as late as 6-7 years for the matter. It takes a lot of patience to grow an orchid plant to put it precisely. Orchids live for a long time and as long as 100 years.

These are some of the interesting facts about orchids. While there are many other facts about this flower, we have highlighted upon seven of them. It is truly a pleasure to gift as well as receive orchids. There’s an intoxicating essence about this particular flower to put it precisely. The next time when you explore flowers online delivery, don’t forget to go in for the enigmatic range of charming orchids!

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