8 Good PS2 Platformers From The Past

Platform games are still one of the most well-known types of video games, and the PS2 had some of the best ones that are often forgotten.

On the PS1, it took a while to find a good mascot game, but on the PS2, it didn’t take long at all. There were a lot of different kinds of platform games on the system. Before guns and cars were added to the sequels, Jak and Daxter was more like a normal mascot platformer. Ratchet and Clank was a chaotic game with guns and RPG features.

Then, Sly Cooper went about its platforming in a sneaky way. All three of these games are some of the best for the PS2, but other platformers should have gotten more attention at the time. Some of these undiscovered gems are even spinoffs from these great shows. So, get ready for a trip back in time.

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