Top 5 Modifications Custom Hologram Stickers Provide; A Quick Read!

Gone are the days when you were afraid of replication of your products because now the world has shifted to new and innovative solutions that are more secure and sound great to your businesses. So, presenting you here the most reliable and protected form of labels the custom hologram stickers that readily work out well for your products. These stickers not only protect your identity but also build credibility in front of your valuable customers. So, you should be very proactive in using these stickers because they will save you in the long run. 

By using cutting-edge technology you can implement the creative and artistic touch on these stickers to make the presentation as well as the security of the products more classy and trendy. Specifically talking about customization there is a wide range of modifications that can be applied whether it’s about logo, style, structure, or other parameters. All will be covered in this blog so you should continue reading!

What are Hologram Stickers?

Custom made hologram stickers are specialized kinds of stickers that are made from vinyl material which is a polymer that is synthesized from chemical processing and is rigid in form because it’s mainly plastic. In addition to this, these stickers come in a variety of materials such as PET(polyethylene terephthalate), transparent plastic, silver, or gold. Using advanced and high-end technologies create a unique serial number or a random number on the products in order to give them a distinctive identity as well as protect them from fellow competitors. The incorporation of a serial number prevents you and your product from counterfeit attacks imparting a crisp look than the traditional one.

Are They Different from the Regular Stickers?

This is the most common and intriguing question that comes to mind of the audience is there a huge difference between normal stickers and custom 3D/2Dhologram sticker? So, the answer is yes, there lies a critical difference because regular stickers are just with a logo or some decorations and finishing on it but these stickers hold specialty as they have unique serial numbers and distinctive identities that differentiate it from the competitors. Now it’s clear that these prove your brand identity and protect it from various attacks so you should not waste time and opt for these valuable stickers for even better reach.

5 Customization Custom Hologram Stickers Provide

Counterfeits always attack only successful brands because they know that these brands hold a confident and updated status in the marketplace. It is very important to prepare yourself to be cracked and attacked at the same time. Therefore, several kinds of modifications are projected that bring out better results. It is true that modifications are a great and flexible way to enhance your presenting and branding powers and it readily increases the chances of being known in the competitive market.

In addition to this, it also gives you an edge over winning your customer’s trust by providing great and innovative customization. so, here’s a list of some broadened customizations that are applied on these stickers in order to boost the power of branding and marketing. Let’s discover a few of them in brief detail. Here we go!

  • Proven Authentication 

Custom holographic security stickers are the best way to authenticate your brand and products from counterfeit. They can be used on your products so that it may keep them under strict control and prevent the unauthorized opening of some products such as electronic equipment or even bank notes. Moreover, the unique serial number will not prevent your product from being replicated by the counterfeits. Thus ensuring better security and credibility.

  • Color Combination

It is very important to choose the right combinations of colors that will sound more proficient and pleasing to the audience. It’s totally up to you in which palette of color combinations you want to go for custom printed stickers. Do use and adjust them accordingly ranging from vibrant to soft muted or bold colors or silver and gold can be used in order to impart a good finish.

  • Waterproof Nature

As the material on which these stickers are made is polymer that is vinyl plastic so you should not worry about the damage it can have when it comes in contact with water. They are resistant to water and prevent any damage from external exposure and making custom stickers more recognizable and reliable to be chosen.

  1. Fluorescence 

One of the best customization they hold is that they can be made UV fluorescing when the UV light strikes them wholesale sticker printing brightens up. This feature makes the product more attractive and appealing in the market.

  • Self Adhesiveness

The best thing is that these holographic stickers they have the self sticking power. They are tamper-proof which make them highly protective for brands which leads to protect the products from counterfeiting. Furthermore, they are highly modified and reliable in adhesiveness thus imparting maximum strength to the stickers to stick for a long time.

Stand with Confidence!

Custom hologram stickers have the power of visualization as well as intrigue the audience and they decide to buy your product. Moreover, it highlights your proven brand identity that makes more sense about your brand’s worth and product and lets them think about the originality of the product. Yes, they are perfect to proceed ahead! Read more news on

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