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We have searched far and wide to find the best blogs and websites for healthcare IT professionals and IT executives.

Juliet Van Wagenen

Juliet is web editor for HealthTech and BizTech magazines. She has covered everything from indie rock to aviation as a journalist. But she is most interested in technology.

Healthcare providers who are attempting to digitally transform their practices will encounter a variety of issues and questions as healthcare and technology become increasingly interconnected. While white papers, conferences and institutional knowledge can be great ways to gain insights into how to pursue these changes, sometimes going straight to the source will be more effective.

These blog posts will likely include articles from CIOs, CTOs, and businesses who are at the forefront of many of the issues facing healthcare IT providers and specialists. We’ve collected the best content on the web, covering everything from electronic health records to security.

The 30 blogs below include both old favorites and new names. Do you want to know the words that were used in the previous lists? Check out the 2015 and 2017 lists.

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Susannah Fox

Susannah Fox’s blog was created to help her share her expertise in navigating the complicated intersection of technology and healthcare. Her regular updates are designed to engage the global community of technology and health to discuss topics ranging from digital health practices and wellness for teenagers, to the benefits of information about health.

Blogs by KLAS

According to its website, KLAS Research is “a healthcare IT data and insight company” which aims to “provide the healthcare industry with accurate, honest and impartial research about the software and services that are used by payers and providers worldwide.” This blog is written by researchers who aim to improve health care quality worldwide by exploring topics such as security of medical devices, and the social implications of electronic health records.

Philips Wellcentive Blog

Philips is a familiar brand in the healthcare industry, and the blog reflects the expertise and experience it has gained to assist healthcare providers with privacy and cybersecurity policies, as well as a variety of other technology-related issues that they face daily.

Fred Trotter

Fred Trotter, a hacktivist, is “coding for social changes.” Data analyst for healthcare journalists — author of Hacking Health and founder and CTO at CareSet Systems (a company that commercializes Medicare Records) — shares his insights and practical advice on health data and cybersecurity in this blog.

The Pulse: Mirick O’Connell Health Law Blog

Matthew Fisher, the chair of Mirick O’Connell Health Law Group’s blog, shares his thoughts on recent healthcare developments and the latest in healthcare news. The blog’s comments cover “regulatory development, government actions and proposed and final regulations as well as new technology and other items of interest,” providing readers with a glimpse into the legal aspects of healthcare IT.

AcademyHealth Blog

The AcademyHealth blog was created to encourage collaboration between the research and policy domains in healthcare. It is an open forum for everyone involved with the sector to express their views on “expanding the access to care, improving quality, and reducing costs.”

Personal Connected health Alliance Blog

Personal Connected Health Alliance is an organization founded by HIMSS and HIMSS with the goal of making healthy living a “no-effort” part of daily life. PCHAlliance’s experts provide industry news, and analyze recent changes to the health IT sector in their blog.

Inside the Mind of a Healthcare CIO

David Chou, vice president and chief digital officer of Children’s Mercy Kansas City is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations embrace modern technology. Visit his blog to get advice on everything from data to blockchain and everything else related to digital transformation.

Korn Ferry Healthcare Insights

The blog, written by executives of the consulting firm Korn Ferry offers food for thought to health care professionals and addresses the challenges and opportunities facing companies in the 21st Century.

e-Patient Dave

Patients are participants and providers in the quest to improve healthcare. This blog, written by cancer survivor and patient advocate Dave deBronkart gives healthcare executives a new perspective on how the medical process is viewed from a patients’ point of view. They also learn how caregivers can work together with patients to improve healthcare delivery.

TigerConnect Blog: Healthcare Clinical and Communication Trends

TigerConnect, a leader in secure message, has experts in the clinical and technical field who cover everything from interoperability and healthcare apps to this blog. It offers ideas, trends and information.

CNBC’s Health Tech Matters

You can get away from CNBC’s Health Tech Matters, a site that provides unbiased information on the latest developments in healthcare cybersecurity, telehealth and industry developments.

The Arizona Telemedicine Program blog

Telemedicine has been gaining in popularity as doctors and healthcare providers are trying to find ways to create reliable and efficient programs that meet the needs of their patients. This blog, by the Arizona Telemedicine Program at the University of Arizona focuses on telehealth’s potential and how technology advances such as the Internet of Things can aid in virtual visits.

David Harlow’s HealthBlawg

David Harlow is a great resource if you need clarifications on HIPAA compliance and privacy laws. David Harlow, a lawyer in healthcare, draws on more than 25 years of experience and works with professionals working in the health IT field to help you better understand interoperability, Big Data and other topics.

HHS Idea Lab

This blog of the Office of the CTO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was created to give a voice and visibility to the HHS IDEA Lab experts. HHS IDEA Lab in their quest to find creative solutions for complex health issues.

Health IT Buzz

Questions and concerns will likely be raised as healthcare providers move towards electronic health records. The Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology of HSS developed this blog to answer these questions, as well as “create a discussion about the challenges and success health care providers, doctors, practices and organizations are experiencing when they move from paper.”

HIMSS Health IT Pulse

This blog from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society will keep you up to date on current trends in Healthcare IT. This blog covers everything from interoperability, networking and the latest HIMSS projects.

Healthcare Standards

Keith Boone, a self-described standards nerd, writes a blog about Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. He also discusses recent issues in health IT security and other technical aspects of artificial intelligence.


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