How to Draw Princess Peach Easily

How to Draw Princess Peach. When it comes to video games, plenty of iconic characters and series have become recognizable even to people who have never picked up a controller in their life.

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Of these characters, you will hardly find any more well-known and popular characters than those from the various Mario games.

While the Italian plumber is certainly the best known, the eclectic cast of characters accompanying him has also garnered much fame and acclaim.

Princess Peach is one of those characters and is famous worldwide.

Learning to draw Princess Peach can be challenging for her many fans, but that’s exactly what this tutorial is all about.

Our step-by-step guide to drawing Princess Peach in just 6 steps will show you how easy it is to recreate this famous character!

How to Draw Princess Peach

Step 1

We’ll begin this guide to drawing Princess Peach by drawing two of her most recognizable visual traits.

That would be her long blond hair and the crown she wears. First, draw a curved line with a point for the bottom of the chin.

Next, we will use some curved lines to outline her hair to Draw Princess Peach.

Some of these Ahir outlines have sharp points on the other edge and a sharply curved line on the forehead.

Finally, using some straight lines, draw the pointed tips of the crown and add small circles at the base. That’s all; now we can move on to step 2!

Step 2

This character usually has specific facial features and expressions so that we will draw those in this phase of your drawing of Princess Peach.

For his eyes, draw some rounded shapes with small angles on the edges and then draw pupils inside. You can also extend some curved lines from the eyes for her long lashes.

Its nose is drawn from simple, curved lines with a small diamond at the base. He also has a distinctive little mouth; you can draw that too.

Finish this step by drawing round shapes for her earrings and more wavy lines for her hair at the back of her head to Draw Princess Peach.

Step 3

In this step of our Princess Peach drawing guide, we will add quite a few things to the image.

This might sound intimidating, but if you take it easy and follow the reference image closely, you shouldn’t have any problems to Draw Princess Peach!

Draw some rounded lines for the puffy shoulders of her dress, and then you can stretch her hands out so they hug each other in front of her chest.

Next, draw some lines for her waist, and then you can draw the top waist of her dress. Finally, draw a few long, slightly curved lines from the waist down the sides of her dress to Draw Princess Peach.

Step 4

In the next part of your Princess Peach design, you’ll add the base fringe of her dress.

This should be a fairly easy step as all you have to do is join the two sides of her dress with two wavy lines running parallel to each other to Draw Princess Peach.

That’s all you need to do for this part, and when we move on to the next step, we’ll finish the final details and elements.

Step 5

In the final phase of this How to Draw Princess Peach guide, you will finish the final details of this guide and get a chance to add some of your details!

For now, you can give her dress a flowy look by drawing three lines in the outline of her skirt. Add some sparkly details to her eyes, and you’re good to go to Draw Princess Peach!

Before you do that, you can add personal details like a background image or other characters from the Mario games.

Step 6

We are now ready to finish this drawing of Princess Peach with some colors.

This character has a signature color scheme in which she is almost always seen, and we chose those classic colors in our reference image to Draw Princess Peach.

For her clothes, we used shades of pink for her dress and some shades of cream for her gloves. So we used yellow for her hair, orange for her parting, and blue for her eyes and earrings.

This is your drawing, so it’s up to you! Make sure you have fun getting creative with this, and see what happens!

Your Princess Peach Drawing is Finished!

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