How to Make Custom Designed T-Shirts?

Do you know how to make printed t-shirts, which almost everyone has at least one in their closet? Printed t-shirts are created by various printing methods on polyester or cotton t-shirts. In this article, we explained to you all the curious things about printed t-shirts.

What are the T-Shirt Printing Types?

Depending on the preferred t-shirt, the printing method on the t-shirt may vary. The main reason for this is that the printing can be more durable and of higher quality, depending on the type of fabric. Below, we have outlined the generally preferred printing types that we use for local t-shirt printing.

  • Transfer Printing
  • Meter Printing
  • Screen Printing / Silk Screen Printing
  • Offset
  • Sublimation / Digital Printing

Sublimation digital printing is not a method used for t-shirts with cotton fabric. It provides the best results only on white polyester products. Offset printing is a more preferred type of printing on cotton t-shirts.

How to Write Text on a T-Shirt?

Writing on a t-shirt or using a printed t-shirt is one of the most popular textile styles today. Accordingly, many people wonder how to write on a t-shirt. We can state that three different alternative methods are evaluated for writing on a t-shirt. These;

  • Printing with Transfer Paper
  • Transferring an Image with Photo Emulsion Silk Printing
  • Printing on Your T-Shirt with Inkodye

The methods we have mentioned are used in t-shirt printing or writing on t-shirts. In addition, it is possible to write on t-shirts with fabric paint pens.

Which Program is Used to Design T-Shirts?

Continuous technological developments have now made it possible to do anything. Nowadays, t-shirt designs can be made through various programs. There are many different t-shirt design programs available, both paid and free. Although some of these programs were created directly for this purpose, some of them are also used for comprehensive designs.

If you are planning to design a t-shirt, among the programs you can choose are; There are AdobeIllustrator, AdobePhotoshop, Placeit and Printful. It is possible to create an original t-shirt design through these programs.

What Should Be Done to Avoid T-Shirt Printing?

Do you know what methods you can use to prevent t-shirt prints from coming off? If you have a printed t-shirt, you can follow certain steps to ensure that the print does not deteriorate or come off. In this way, the t-shirt print continues to maintain the same quality despite dozens of washings. For this purpose, the first thing to consider is that the printed t-shirts to be thrown into the machine should be turned upside down.

It is important that the washing temperature for printed t-shirts that are turned upside down and thrown into the washing machine is not more than 30 degrees. At the same time, it is important to keep the spin rate of the machine at a minimum depending on the degree. In this way, it is possible to use the printed t-shirt for a long time without any damage.

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