Follow these tips to unlock maximum savings at The Home Depot

Remodeling our homes can be expensive when our list of things needed runs overboard. From hiring contractors to costly tools, there are many ways and reasons that could increase your bills and extend your projects. But the Home Depot is a savior for those looking to save on expenses on home remodeling or building a new home. 

With over 2,300 stores in North America, Home Depot helps fulfill every do-it-yourself need. You can pick new, barely used stuff and rented tools for wholesome savings. Here are some top tips for Home Depot Cash Back and deals and discounts you need to get the most out of The Home Depot.

Secret codes to identify low prices

By paying attention to the little-known coding at The Home Depot, you can add to your savings. All you need to do is pay attention to the prices to know if an item is at its lowest price. If a product’s price ends with a .06, it is likely to get lower than that. You could still wait for the price to drop if it remains in stock. 

And if a product ends with .03, the price is as low as possible. If a product ends with .03, it’s time to rush to buy till stock lasts. Product prices ending in .03 rarely go down further and will move off the shelves if they remain unsold.

Home Depot’s 10% military discount

Home Depot’s support for military personnel is well-known, so they offer active military, veterans, and their spouses 10% off on most in-store and online items. The retailer makes it extremely easy to avail of the discount and up to $400 annually on savings. 

If you’re eligible, register once to verify your military status using SheerID and use military discounts online or in-store through your Home Depot account. 

Educate yourself for free for huge savings

Some significant expense in home repairs and remodeling goes towards hiring contractors. What if you could save hundreds of dollars by learning to do the job yourself? 

The Home Depot believes in helping its customers learn new home improvement skills and arranges many workshops and classes of varying difficulties for beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level training. Attending the course costs you nothing but helps you with several smaller and even more significant tasks, saving you lots of money.  

Buy wood for much less

You can cut your wood at The Home Depot and load it onto your truck. Head to the store if you need some wood for smaller home projects. Check the back section of the lumber aisles and ask where the spare wood section is. 

Sift through the leftover wood from cuttings for a much-discounted price. These may be flawed, but you get them at a much lower price, even for as low as 30%-80% off.   

Get paint at a discounted rate

Colors can mean the world to some, especially in home improvement projects. At The Home Depot, you will find a section with paint buckets in open and semi-used state. These are the ones that customers ordered and have yet to pick up or return for not being close to what the customers wanted. If you’re not too picky about hues, you can pick paint for a really low price. 

Find the Oops paint section in the store and check out what may suit your home paint and color requirements, and you need to pay closer to the product’s original price. Another hidden part of buying paint is waiting for the major long weekend, like July 4th. The Home Depot knows homeowners usually take up remodeling projects on these weekends and offer hefty discounts on paints. It’s the right time to find the color shade at the best prices.

Special Buy of the Day and Savings center

The Home Depot website showcases the sale of the day, featuring some home sections from trusted brands. You can find these in the “Special Buy of the Day” section on the website. The Home Depot features items for 24 hours or till stock lasts. 

Another excellent opportunity for savings from the “Savings Center.” You get to The Home Depot-trusted items at heavily-reduced prices. Sign up for The Home Depot newsletter to stay current and preview things that are part of the savings center. Grab the items you need for the best prices before they’re gone! 

Big savings from reward sites

If you’re a frequent shopper at The Home Depot, you’re in luck with another avenue for significant savings. Cash Back sites like RebatesMe provide additional Cash Back when you purchase after signing up. RebatesMe has over 4000 stores that provide Cash Back. Simply install the free browser extension and continue to buy The Home Depot items to earn Cash Back to your RebatesMe account. You also get a $10 signup bonus to earn additional Cash Back.

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