Styling Tips for Cotton Kurtis to Flaunt Your Curves

Cotton Kurtis are not just extremely comfortable, but they also look very stylish if styled nicely. Women often find it difficult to style kurtis, but there should be nothing which stops you from feeling stunning every minute. Cotton kurtis have become so popular because of their versatile style and elegance. Versatile in the sense that they can be worn to any occasion, you just have to style them accordingly. They have been popular because they are worn to offices on a daily basis, and nothing is more elegant than a cotton kurti to wear at work. 

In this blog, we will guide you on how to style cotton kurtis for curvy bodies. These styling tips will help you to look chic and fashionable. Traditionally we style cotton kurta sets with dupattas, but there are many more ways to style them in other ways. We will discuss some tips that will help you to achieve that confident look you always wanted. 

How to Style Cotton Kurtis for a Chic Look for Plus-Size Women

Women usually find the right styling tips according to their size. It is really important to remember that the clothes should fit, and you should not try to fit into them. Women with curves should go for kurtis that will flatter their curves. Plus size kurta for women is specially designed for women with curvy bodies. Let’s Look into the different ways to style these cotton kurtis effortlessly with the tips provided below. 

1. Fitting 

As we have talked about this before, as a woman with beautiful curves, you should go for a cotton kurti that will fit you like a glove and enhance your curves. But don’t wear a very tight or loose kurti, as it can make your kurti fitting look bad. When you wear the perfect fitting, you will eventually feel confident. So choose the size of cotton kurti not only to look good but to enhance your whole body shape. Go for a kurti that will be easier to wear on a daily basis and you can also on a special occasion.

2. Wearing Bold Colors

It’s time to play with different colour options available in cotton kurti designs. Cotton kurtis are available in a wide range and not to mention the new trendy colours. If you really like to dress fantastically, then don’t let this opportunity go. Curvy women can rock any colour, but wearing a bold colour cotton kurti will make it look even more stunning. These bold and vibrant will make you look gorgeous and will make you stand out from the crowd. 

3. Wearing Light Colors

If you are someone who likes to wear light and pastel colours, then you should definitely experiment with colours and try whatever colour you like. Some of the trendy pastel colours are light lavender, blush pink and mint green. Wearing these light and pastel colours will make you look more feminine. These colours will also give you a subtle and delicate look overall. You should always choose the colour that will go with your personal style.

 4. Style with Accessories 

Styling your cotton kurti is not just size and colour, but accessories can actually step up your basic cotton kurti.  For curvy ladies, go for heavy oxidised and boho jewellery to style with your cotton kurti. This little touch of shine and jewels will have a big significant effect. You can also wear  Chandelier earrings, which will help you elevate your face to look even more beautiful. You can also add a belt to flaunt your waist. Wearing bangles is also very popular now, metal bangles are famous to wear these days.

5. Layer your Kurti 

Layering your kurti is another great way to flaunt your ethnic look. For layering, you can go for a shirt, a tailored blazer or a jacket over your kurti. Go for a shirt or blazer colour, which will go in contrast with the cotton kurti. A jacket or blazer will give you an overall sophisticated and formal look. You can also add a small silk scarf to make it look more put together. This will be a great look, especially for your office outfit. 


We have talked above about different ways in which you can style your cotton kurti and, at the same time, flaunt your curves. Wearing the rightly fitted kurti, accessorising your kurti, layering and choosing the right colour that suits you the best. We can also consider some other factors like wearing suitable footwear with a kurti. Go for footwear that will make you look taller and more elegant. These days people are also styling kurtis with sneakers for comfort and style. Adding a touch of light makeup and a low bun hairstyle will make the whole look complete. 

After styling tips, the most important thing to add to your overall look is confidence. Don’t forget to embrace your body and curve the way they are. Add your own styling taste and be creative to enjoy styling to the fullest.

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