How to create bootable USB installer for Mac with Rufus?

There are many situations where we need to create a USB installation media from an ISO image file, which would need a bootable USB drive. Rufus is one of the best programs that allow you to create a Live or bootable USB flash drive. Rufus is a portable and free application that you can use without any installation. But the question remains “Can we create bootable USB installer for Mac with Rufus?” Yes, this is a famous question these days so we decided to give a better answer to this question for Rufus users. 

Rufus is very small in size, but awesomely it has everything that users need as far as the above are concerned. But still, we have the biggest question about how to create bootable USB installer for Mac with Rufus. Yes, let’s see the answer to this question. To better understand this utility, let’s see the brief explanation in the beginning. Read more! 

A brief explanation about Rufus

Rufus is an amazing tool to create a bootable USB flash drive using an ISO image file. Rufus is a completely free, portable, and open-source application that is very small in size. But Rufus is specially designed for Windows devices which is why Rufus users question whether they can create bootable USB installer for Mac with Rufus. The real answer is Rufus is only available for Windows devices. So, we can’t find a Rufus for Mac version that does not exist yet. So, we need to find a method to use Rufus on your Mac device. 

Can we create bootable USB installer for Mac with Rufus? 

Exactly, there is no such thing as Rufus Mac download for free. Rufus is a portable and free utility that helps you to create bootable USB drives. But it is only available for Windows devices. Rufus is used in many cases to create a bootable USB drive fastly and quickly. Installing Rufus for Mac is not an impossible task. You can do this process using some methods. But those methods are pretty complex methods. So, we need to find the simplest method and search for all accurate details about that method. 

The best method to install Rufus for Mac 2023 

Literally, if you want to create bootable USB installer for Mac with Rufus, you have to install Rufus on your Mac device. But as we know, there is not a Mac version yet. Then, I’ll find the best method for you! Using the virtual machine method, you can install Rufus on your Mac device. Let’s take a closer look at this method. 

Have you heard about the virtual machine method?

If you want to download Rufus for Mac, this is the most straightforward method existing. If you are a technical person, maybe you have heard about this method. Literally, the virtual machine method is a superior way to run Windows on a Mac device by creating a virtual machine. This is a completely hassle-free method. But the only drawback is that this is a bit of a complex method so you need expert knowledge to follow this process. Let’s see the step guide to follow this virtual machine method. 


  1. Firstly, download VMare Fusion Player 
  2. Create a virtual machine to install Windows; Download the ISO image file from Microsoft’s official website to install Windows, and get the ISO image for Windows 10 and 11
  3. Then, tap the “Continue” button to create a virtual machine
  4. Here you can Windows on VMare Fusion Player
  5. Now you have installed Windows on your Mac system. 
  6. Finally, you are ready to easily install Rufus 2023 download for Mac after downloading it

Top alternatives for Rufus

If you failed to create bootable USB installer for Mac with Rufus because of any bad situation, don’t give up! You can try the best alternatives for Rufus. Here are the most well-known alternatives for Rufus. 


If you search for an alternative for Rufus, this is the foremost utility that you can use on your Mac devices. For Mac devices, BalenaEtcher is the best. It has the same features as Rufus. Not only for Mac devices but also you can use this tool for other Linux and Ubuntu platforms. 


  • Open-source application
  • Free tool forever
  • Create a bootable USB from Linux ISO and macOS DMG image
  • Updated tool for the bug fix
  • Comes with a very user-friendly UI


  • Windows ISO is not available


To create bootable USB flash drives, UNetbootin is a proper method. This is a completely free, safe, and cross-platform application. And the most highlighted thing is that this tool is specially designed to work with Linux and it can run an operating system live on a USB flash drive. 


  • You can download ISO Linux using UNetbootin
  • Open-source application and work with any device platform without any doubt
  • Best for various types of ISO images
  • 100% safe application
  • A standalone app without any installation


  • Not workable for the latest Windows 10/11 latest versions
  • Old-style User Interface makes your work slow


This is a completely free and open-source application that enables users to install multiple live Linux and uninstall them. 


  • You can always view the source code
  • Seamlessly work on both Windows and Linux platforms
  • It modifies as per your requirements


  • It has a complex process

FAQ session

Can we see the Rufus for Mac latest version download in the near future?

Maybe, we can see the Mac version in Rufus in the near future. Still, you can use some methods to install Rufus on your device.

Is there a Rufus for the Linux version?

No, there is no Rufus for the Linux version. Rufus is only designed for Windows devices. But if you want to install Rufus on your Linux, you can use the Wine method. Search more about this Wine method, from our official website.


In conclusion, you have not failed to create bootable USB installer for Mac with Rufus. Because you can use some methods to install Rufus on your Mac device. Rufus is the best for creating bootable USB flash drives using an ISO image file. So, quickly try to install this awesome utility on your Max device. And then share your experience with us!

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