Top 5 Free Movie Apps You Should Try Out (2023)

There was a time not long ago when we waited with bated breath to catch our favorite movies being aired on cable television on a fixed schedule. Suffice it to say, the days of traditional TV broadcasting weren’t kind to all movie maniacs. But now, to watch and download movies, you can use a thousand-plus movie apps. But how do we find the best movie apps among them?

According to my experience, here are the best and feature-rich movie apps in 2023 to get the best movie experience;

  1. Crackle
  2. Netflix
  3. Zinitevi
  4. Tubi
  5. Vudu

Watch or download a movie, what else does a movie maniac want to do? If you wish to watch a movie, simply open one of these platforms on your desktop or mobile and enjoy an uninterrupted HQ movie-watching experience anytime and anywhere you like. And read this article to get a complete review of these apps!

The 5 best movie apps you should try out in 2023

Based on overall my experience and each application’s popularity, I believe the following are some of the best movie apps to watch movies free and easily;


Crackle greets you with arguably the best user interface we’ve seen of any legal-free movie application. You’ll instantly find what you are looking for because of the intuitive master search text box and a home page of a well-curated movie catalog. It has a simple movie collection like it has 700+ movies and a little over 100+ TV series collections. But the best thing about Crackle is that movie fans can download high-definition quality movies through this movie app.

The major flaw of this tool is that since you can stream the movies for free without any subscription, Crackle supports itself by running short pre-roll and mid-roll ads occasionally. But given its best range of movies, high-definition quality, and the trust of Sony, this app is surely one which you should try!


  • Famous on-demand movies and TV series
  • Crackle has an original content section in its library
  • Decent collection of movies
  • Reliable streaming performance
  • It has a little movie library but you can download high-definition quality
  • It has the best kid content
  • Completely free app
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts
  • It has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface


  • Annoying ads in the free version
  • Small content library for kids
  • Few high-quality shows
  • No live-streaming TV options


Netflix is like a movie universe to watch movies and other highly-rated programs. We can call Netflix the summary of online entertainment, given its reach and the high quality of movies offered. If you are seriously looking for some high-quality TV Shows, Movies, dramas, and Info-dramas, Netflix is the best service out there. Netflix has modern and unique features but it is a high-expensive tool.

Netflix gets over 1.5 billion love from movie fans each month, so this is the most famous movie app now. But this movie app has some ignorable disadvantages. If you ask me to recommend one next-level movie streaming platform to watch movies, TV shows, or original series, Netflix is my choice. It comes with a very eye-catching and intuitive interface that anyone likes to use.


  • Multiple viewership
  • Completely ad-free
  • Biggest movie library
  • Provides high-quality movies
  • You can get a next-level of movie experience
  • Best movie experience


  • Delayed updates
  • Highly-expensive
  • Need a powerful internet connection


Zinitevi is one of the best apps out there for downloading any type of movie, TV show, Animation, kid’s content, trailers, and more. The best thing about Zinitevi is that you can install Zinitevi on your device without any jailbreaking. And it has a wide variety of movie collections and you can quickly watch your favorite latest movies. Moreover, I love to use Zinitevi because it has unique features and no cons. And this is a completely free app to watch unlimited movies. So, quickly give a try for Zinitevi download.

  • It has an amazing movie and TV series collection
  • Completely free app. No charges
  • Offline viewing option
  • Fastest downloading
  • Compatible with any iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices
  • Work with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices
  • You can quickly watch the latest released movies
  • Zinitevi has a good collection of children’s movies
  • Zinitevi has a favorite list and you can add your favorite movies to the favorite list
  • Comprehensive languages collection and captions to include when you watch movies
  • Fastest and safest smart search engine option
  • Online catalog technology makes to watch TV series without missing one episode or movie
  • No ads
  • It allows you to download multiple videos for your offline streaming
  • All movies are categorized into various categories
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts because it has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Completely safe movie streaming app


  • No cons to show


Tubi is the best-organized movie library. Tubi is another famed movie app that brings the movie-watching experience straight to your Android and iOS devices. The best part, of course, is you don’t pay any charge.


  • Clean interface
  • No need to register or sign up
  • The best catalog of new and old content
  • It has a kid’s movie section


  • Video can buffer occasionally


Vudu is usually a place die-hard movie fans go to when they want to download movies or TV shows to watch online. Vudu is extremely easy-to-use and it already has new-release movies and TV shows. So, I think you will really enjoy this movie app as a movie fan.


  • Extensive filtering
  • 3D and 4K streaming services for users
  • Early access to new releases
  • Great deals on digital purchases of movie or TV show titles


  • Limited free movie library
  • Highly expensive movie app


Movies that would have otherwise been hard to find can be easily enjoyed over the Internet via a good movie platform. Such platforms now have their own apps that work seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. But some apps will not certify the user’s safety. So, it is very important to find trusted and safe movie apps to enjoy movies. Then, now you can give it a try for these best movie apps and enjoy your best movies without doubt.

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